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Arctic Heating AS has changed its name and will merge with Seavision AS

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Who are we

We will launch a new website, but until further notice the old ones will be used.

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General inquiries                                                         


Per Roger Pettersson, general manager         

Marius Vodrup, general manager Seavision    

Geir Pettersson, purchasing/sales                   

Frode Myhre, production manager/purchasing

Øyvind Jansen, head of development              

Andreas Erik Karlsen, project employee          


Arctic Heating AS has been operating since 1965. It all started with the invention of the EAF device, which was a product designed and made specifically for use in the maritime market. At the same time, the company provided assembly services and electromechanics.


1981 was the year when the company chose to invest in banking and financial institutions with the development, production and sale of its own check printers. For many years, this was a market with great growth opportunities and exciting development projects. But as we know today, the digital world has taken over and checks are no longer as valid as they were back then. Arctic Heating has always had assignments in development, assembly, purchasing and product development with drawings for many large players in and outside Norway. When an opportunity arose to take an even clearer step into the maritime industry, the choice was not difficult. In 2020, Arctic Heating acquired Seavision AS and chose a mother and daughter company structure.


From 2020 to today, the companies have spent a lot of resources on continuing to work with Seavision's former customers and acquiring new ones. At the same time, knowledge has been anchored across both companies. Now Arctic Heating and Seavision choose to invest more together and make operations even more efficient. As part of the restructuring, we have now chosen to start work on merging the companies. In this connection, it has been important to get a new company name in place. Considering that we have our head office at Nøtterøy in Færder municipality, it was natural to look for names that connect us more closely to the local community and the historical roots we have been a part of over time.


Our name is now Ferder Solutions AS. Ferder Solutions AS will continue with the same customers, services and areas of expertise that our customers are used to seeing in both Arctic Heating AS and Seavision AS.

SEAVISION will become part of the new Ferder Solutions AS and will be incorporated into the operation. Seavision will be retained as its own brand and our well-known products and services will continue as before.


For you as a customer, this means that you will now meet us under the same umbrella and administration. And you will get access to all expertise in one and the same company. A new website will be coming, and here we will of course collect the information in one place so that in future you will be able to turn to one place and get more services delivered than before. At the same time, you will naturally notice that our invoice has changed its appearance and name somewhat. We will introduce ourselves as Ferder Solutions AS and use the same organization number as before.

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