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The lights are designed with good light scattering, functionally correct shape and good operational reliability.

The AquaLUX is the latest generation of LED lights.

Despite modest external dimensions, the light is very strong and it has been tested for

use down to 250m water depth.

Eksempel på undervannslys

AquaLUX 105 LED

AquaLux 105 is the latest generation of compact miniature Subsea LED from SeaVision. The light is equipped with dimming. The quality and performance are very high despite the compact size.

It is intended for use in harsh environments, classified for use down to 200 m water depth. AquaLux 105 has an estimated life of> 10,000 hours.
The new LED has a cylindrical conical shape with a total length of 130 mm including the subsea connector.

Outside diameter is 47 mm. The weight is 210 grams.
The customer can choose between different cable type and length together with fixed subsea connector SV-AQL105C or PG cable entry SV-AQL105PG

AquaLux 105 is intended for use underwater and must therefore not be used in the open air for more than 15 minutes!

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