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System supplies

For well boats and other installations, we deliver complete monitoring systems as needed.

We supply both analog and ethernet / IP equipment.

The systems consist of lights, cameras, servers, switches, recorders, monitors, and of course cables.

A little about today's most common monitoring systems:


Often a complete system for a well boat is based on either an analog or IP setup. This makes it easy to get a complete system. But not always without disadvantages and obstacles that may stand in the way of someone taking the step to upgrade the system or make a total replacement of the existing system.


We understand this well and that is why we have come up with something that we believe offers all the possibilities for both upgrading and replacement. Not least, the system ensures that the choice you make today does not stand in the way of future wishes and needs. In that case, it will involve minimal replacement of equipment to raise the standard, when the need arises.


We also know that there are different needs that must be met in relation to the properties the system should have when it comes to the difference between function under water and above water. There are simply different tasks that the system must cover. In short, it can be said that the system must ensure video monitoring of the fish in as simple and with as high-quality as possible. And that the actual monitoring and inspection of the fish takes place at a control post, often on the bridge.

Making a choice in relation to one or the other is not easy.


Is image redundancy and no downtime, flexibility, or price-point the factor which guides your decisions? Is it difficult to decide if an upgrade, retrofit or a total renewal of the existing system makes the most sense?


There are many considerations to take into account, and we understand that this is not always easy. We have solved this by combining analog and IP in one and the same system which ensures you the advantages of both technologies and which at the same time does not bring all the disadvantages with it.


A system that combines and ties together the properties of two technologies into the same system. By focusing on analog camera technology which ensures zero limitations in terms of bandwidth or external factors and which at the same time provides the fastest transmission of video streams we see this is a no brainer.


Analog cameras do not need their own ID as IP does. This means that with analog cameras it is Plug & Play and ensures that replacement and upgrading are as simple as possible. No overview or listing of IP addresses is required.


Older boats can often make use of existing cabling and only focus on changing components such as recorders, monitors and cameras to get better quality images.


We have found a solution that ensures that all analog signals go directly to the monitor on the control post. In addition to the fact that the system above water is connected via the network which ensures access for server and client. This gives the system extra security in that you no longer risk losing the video streams should the server or client stop working. If a recorder should stop working, we have arranged for the system to have a little extra capacity so that you can easily connect the camera streams to another recorder without requiring expert help.


This means that, through the Hybrid Solutions system, you have redundancy in relation to security and uptime on the video streams, the speed of analog and in addition the option to connect IP if necessary.


If flexibility, connectivity and redundancy key to your system, Hybrid Solutions includes these features at a great price-point

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